Sasha`s mess Chapter 1

“I am sorry for your loss, at the same time congratulations. Enjoy your fortune Mr.Wright.”

“Thanks. Drive safe.”

No less than a week ago my life was nothing more than I could see beyond my farm back home. Now I have just inherited a fortune from a relative I have not heard from in years. When the letters stopped coming, I just figured she had enough of me writing to her. Maybe the stories I was telling her just became too much. Life back home was everything but peaceful  Sasha had left home about ten years ago.Nobody knew why or where she was for a long time. . 

That autumn morning air was crisp under my nose. The dirt crunching under my shoes kept my tired body going to my destination. The hill up to the door was enough to make anyone never want to come back down on foot. From the boarded doors and windows it looked like no one did. Inside the house everything was plain. The house was just enormous. My hellos echoed throughout. Sheets covered the furniture, I did not  tamper with anything at first. 

Down in the basement there was a door, I had no key too. Assuming no one was in there for the time being. I left the basement and made sure I locked it. The next day when I came back, the basement door was unlocked. I got my thirty- two. I was middle aged, not crazy, at least not yet anyway. Inside everything looked the same, nothing looked out of place. The door in the back of the basement was still locked. Very unsettling to my mind.

I put my ear to the door, the steel was cold. I did not hear any noises. That door was not going to be locked much longer. First I tried to pick the lock, that did not work. From the hinges I could tell it would open in the direction I was standing. So kicking it in  was not an option, I searched the house till late the evening for another key. My search ended when a phone call  dragging me to dinner. The unknown caller said things couldn’t be discussed over the phone. 

I found out Sasha was his assassin  her death came as a surprise to everybody she worked with. The man that sat in front of me assured me her death was not on his hands. I knew nothing more to go off of, so I took his word. Still curious about what this had to do with me. I grew agitated.

“ What does your organization have to do with me? My cousin is dead, and that is all I need to know. She is at rest, she left home and spoke to none of us for years. I do not know anything about what she was out here doing with her life. Most of all I do not want any part of it.”

“You have the money right?”

“You want it?”

“No I have plenty, see I could have killed you when you stepped in that house. But I did not. You are the relative she spoke so highly of when she was my partner. I know because of that tattoo. She and you had an eventful evening that led to that frog on your rear end. Am I right James? I know I am. Your cousin owes me and you will pay me back by doing some work. Are we clear?”

“And if I don’t?”

“You will find telling me no is not such a good idea. I will lay hands on you myself. I know you can shoot and that is all you have to do. I will send your first target to you shortly.”

My mind was spinning walking from that table. What in the hell had my cousin gotten me into?

Why would Sasha tell him my business like that? So many questions ran through my mind. Back at the house to feel like I had control or one situation I barricaded the basement door. The next day I  installed some cameras in areas around the house. Particularly that door in the basement. 


This is just a sample of the story, depending on how many likes I get I may post some more.

THANK YOU for reading Sasha`s mess


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